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Adding Comments & Documents

Broker Brain has a Public Upload feature that allows users outside the Broker Brain system to add comments and/or documents to existing system notes.  This is done by accessing a note's public upload URL.  If you are an outside user, in most cases, you will receive this information via email.
Following are instructions on how to use a URL to add comments and upload documents into Broker Brain.
Adding Comments or Attaching Documents using the Public Upload feature:
1.  Click the URL sent to you via email (from within Broker Brain, you can also click the URL shown in the note).   The following dialog box will appear:
2.  Enter your first and last name into the Name field.
3.  Add any desired comments into the Comments section.
4.  To add an attachment, click the Browse button located at the bottom of the screen.  Locate the file you wish to add and double-click it.  To add additional files, click Add another attachment, located beneath the Browse field. 
5.  When you are ready to save your information, click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.  If your information was successfully added, you will see the following information: