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Counter Offers

If a property is given a counter offer, use the Negotiations tab to enter this information into Broker Brain.
Adding a Counter Offer
1. From the Offers sub tab at left, locate the offer for which you wish to update information.
2. Click the + adjacent to the Offer name to expand the information.
3. Click on the Negotiations sub tab. Following is a portion of the screen that will appear.  This screen shows the original offer information in the pane at right:
4.  In the left pane (outlined in green), change the Offer Status field to Buyer Countered Seller, Seller Countered Buyer, or to any other status you designated for this purpose in Admin>Statuses.
5.  Enter the counter offer amount in the Offer Amount field.
6.  Add any other information pertinent to the offer in the appropriate fields, then click the green Add button at the bottom of the screen.
7. An Offer Status Parameters screen will appear. Complete this screen with any appropriate information and click the Update button. The details of the counter offer will now appear in a new pane of the Negotiations screen (located to the right of the pane bordered in green).