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Highest/Best - Multiple Requests

If you wish to send a Highest/Best request to multiple offerors all at once, you can do so following the instructions below.  The system will send each selling agent an email with a Multiple Offer Procedure Form attached, along with an agent offer link they can click to see current offer status, update contact information, and submit an updated offer.
Sending Multiple Highest/Best Requests
1.  From the desired property, click the Offers tab.
2.  Place a checkmark in the Select Offer checkbox for each offer you wish to include in the Highest/Best request, as shown highlighted below:
3.  Scroll to the area above the offers and, using the drop-down arrow in the Action field, select Send HB.
4.  Click the green Submit button.  An Email screen will appear. 
5.  Enter the Deadline Date and Deadline Time into the fields shown circled above.
  • The Deadline Date and Time initially entered will be enforced within the Broker Brain system, such that offers will not be accepted past that time. Should you wish to extend the deadline, see the instructions at the bottom of this page.
6.  Complete the Email screen, including adding text into the Message portion of the screen, adding necessary attachments, etc., then click the green Submit button.  The email will be sent to the Buyer's Agents and a copy of the email will be attached to the Notes sub tab within each offer.
  • You must have the email address of the Buyer's Agents listed within each selected offer or you will get an error message.  If you have not added this information, X out of the Email screen and add it following the instructions below, then go back to Step #4 above:
a. Open the offer and scroll down to the Agent Contacts section (on the Offer tab).
b.  If you have no agent listed at all, click the blue Add button.  If you have an agent shown, click the button next to the Agent's name, then select Edit Contact fom the dialog box that opens, as shown below.
d.  Add the Agent Name (if needed) and the email address, then click the Upate button.
Did you know.....
You can use Email Signatures to create templates for emails you send repetitively.  If you will be sending Highest/Best requests out frequently, consider creating an email template for the verbiage in the email.  Click here to see how.
7. Once the email is sent, the deadline date and time entered in the email will automatically populate those fields in the Highest/Best Offer section of the Offer screen. An email will be sent to the Selling Agent with a Multiple Offer Procedure Form attached and a link to the property information within Broker Brain, where they can submit a new Multiple Offer Disclosure Form (MODF). When the agent clicks the agent offer link to view offer information in Broker Brain, an ALERT will appear at the top of their screen to notify them of the Highest/Best request. Once they enter a Highest/Best amount and submit a new MODF, the ALERT will disappear.


  • Once the Highest/Best deadline has expired, agents will see the following alert when they click the agent offer link. Note that the Highest/Best Amount field and the MODF browse option have been removed. At this point it is no longer possible for the agent to submit a Highest/Best offer. This can only be done if you extend the Highest/Best Deadline Date and Time as shown in the next screen shot below.
Extending the Highest/Best Deadline

To extend an offer's Highest/Best Deadline, click the Offer tab and scroll down to the Highest/Best section (as shown below).  Change the Deadline Date and Deadline Time and click the green Send button.