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Setting up your system to allow public offers/lease applications
Public Offers and Lease Applications function the same within Broker Brain, so you will note that when you set your system up for one, you are also allowing the other.  However, public lease applications only become available for properties set to an asset type of Managed, so if you have no managed properties, the set-up will be used for public offers.  If you have certain properties on which you do not wish to allow public access, you can disable this feature following the Manually Enabling Properties instructions below. 
Important Information
  • If offer forms are required by a client, you can upload them into the Broker Brain system. For instructions on how to do this, click here.
  • If you wish to provide instructions for agents/applicants on how to submit offers/applications from the public site, refer them to the following links on our Help Site:
  • When an offer/application is submitted, the offer/application status will show as "In Process" until it is either Accepted or Rejected in the Broker Brain system. None of the other offer/application statuses will be seen by the applicant or by the outside agent.
  • If you have not set up your system to allow offers/applications from your public site but have opted to provide the link to your enabled properties via the MLS website, the information the agent/applicant will see is the same information as those submitting offers/applications from a public site. The only difference is where they begin the offer/application process.
  • Offer/Lease Agreement - For more information on how to create your offer/lease agreement, click here.
Adjust your Site Settings
First, update your Site Settings. Site Settings control your site's behaviors, so this is where you will tell Broker Brain whether or not to allow public offers and lease applications, if additional documents are required or allowed, and more. 
Public Offers/Applications Site Settings
1. From the Admin tab, go to the Site Settings sub tab at left, then to the Public Offers/Applications sub tab at right.  
2.  Choose the option Globally Allow Public Offers/Applications, as shown highlighted below.  This is the only setting that is required here to enable public offers/applications.  However, you will want to review the other options as well and enable those that you wish to use. For more description of each of these options, click here.
 3. Click the Update button at the bottom of the screen when you have finished making your changes.
Additional Public Offer Site Settings
If you are setting up public offers, you will now want to access the Offers tab within Admin>Site Settings.  This tab is where you can determine how Broker Brain sets property statuses when offers are accepted or withdrawn.  To see detailed information about this tab, click here.
Additional Lease Application Site Settings & Auto Create Tenant
If you are working with lease applications, you will want to access the Lease Applications tab within Admin>Site Settings.  This tab allows you to specify what activities should occur within Broker Brain when a Lease Application is accepted or withdrawn. 
  • One setting in particular that you should be aware of is the Auto Create Tenant feature.  Once enabled, this feature will use the applicant's information to automatically create a new tenant on the Lease tab when an application's status is set to accepted.  This is a tremendous time-saving feature.  In addition to creating the tenant, Broker Brain also creates a link between the tenant and their lease application.  By default this feature is turned OFF, so if you wish to use it, you will need to turn it on by placing a checkmark in the box shown below from Admin>Site Settings>Lease Applications.
For detailed information on setting up the Admin>Site Settings>Lease Applications tab, click here.  
Update your Property Statuses
Now you will tell Broker Brain which properties are to appear on the public site by selecting the property statuses you wish to make available.   
1. From the Admin tab, go to the Statuses sub tab at left, then to the Property sub tab at right. 
2.  In the Property Status List section, select both Public and Public Offers/Applications next to each status that should appear on the public site (as shown highlighted below), being sure to click Update for each status changed. (For more information on using this screen, click here).  It is important that you select both check boxes, as selecting Public will ensure that properties in those statuses appear on your public website, and selecting Public Offers/Applications enables any property in that status to have an offer or lease application submitted from a public setting (this only works if you have also set your Site Settings to globally allow public offers, which we did in the previous step).
Set Offer/Lease Application Statuses
Now you will want to set any other desired preferences for how properties within certain statuses will behave.  Here, you can set the order items will appear on your Offer or Lease Application lists, select colors in Broker Brain for items that enter specified statuses, and more.
  • If you are setting up your system for public offers, then from the Admin tab, go to the Statuses sub tab at left, then to the Offer sub tab at right. Click here for detailed instructions on use of this tab.

  • If you are setting up your system for lease applications, then from the Admin tab, go to the Statuses sub tab at left, then to the Lease Application sub tab at right.  Click here for detailed instructions on use of this tab.
Set up Group Email Notifications, Permissions, and Power Users
Now that Broker Brain is set up to allow public offers and lease applications, you will need to set up the user side of the system.  You will want to create any new groups needed and update some of your existing group permissions so there are users who have the ability to access, manage, and maintain the offers/applications.  Additionally, you will want to set up some group email notifications so that each time a public offer or lease application is submitted, individuals in these groups will be notified.  (For detailed instructions on adding and updating groups, click here).
To access the desired group, select the Admin tab at the top of the screen, then the Groups sub tab at left.  Open the desired group.  Be sure to click the Update button at the bottom of the screen to save any changes that are made.
1.  Set up Group Email Notifications
Select either Public Offer Notifications or Public Lease Application Notifications, as shown circled below.  Be sure to click the green Update button at the bottom of the screen to save your change.
If you prefer that these notifications to be sent to the property's Assigned Agent, the Assigned Transaction Coordinator, or to both, this is set up differently.  These notifications are set on the Admin tab under Site Settings.  From the Site Settings tab, you will want to select the Email sub tab, then using the drop-down arrow, change one of the fields shown highlighted in the screen shot below.  For step-by-step instructions on using the Site Settings>Email tab, click here.
  • It is recommended that you set up at least one Notification group under Admin>Groups.  This is important because if you elect to have the notifications sent to the Assigned Agent or Transaction Coordinator and a property does not have one assigned, then the assigned Group will still receive a notification.    
2.  Assign Group Privileges and Power Users
While in Admin>Groups you will want to assign some Group Privileges and some Power Users.  This step is critical, as without privileges added, your users will be unable to access or manage the offers/applications.  Following are some of the privileges you may wish to add that are specific to offers and lease applications.  Privileges are also added in Admin>GroupsFor step-by-step instructions on assigning privileges, click here.
Note:  Before assigning Power User privileges, be sure you understand what these privileges do.  Click here for more detail on Power User capabilities.
Enabling Properties for public offers/lease applications 
Once you have set up your system to allow public offers and public lease applications, the next thing you must determine is whether you want to manually activate this feature on a property by property basis, or whether you want to enable these features for all properties.
Manually enabling properties
To manually enable individual properties to utilize the public offer/lease application features, follow the steps below:
1. Follow the process to search for the property that you would like to enable. For information on the property search process click here.
2. To manually enable a public offer, click on the Offers tab at left. The following screen will appear: 
OR, to manually enable a lease application, click on the Lease Apps tab at left.  You will see a similar screen:
3. Click the green Enable button.  A statement will appear beneath the button, indicating that public offers or lease applications have been enabled for this property: 
The link that appears in the screen shot above is specific to this property and when clicked, will direct you to the location from which the offer or lease application can be submitted. This is the link you can make available from another website, such as the MLS website, for agents to submit offers.
  • The information above will appear this way for all properties, even on those properties that are not in statuses for which you have set the Public Offers/Applications option. If the link that is generated is followed, the page will indicate that the property is not accepting offers (or lease applications) at this time, as shown in the link below.
 Automatically enabling properties for public offer/lease applications 
If you wish to tell Broker Brain to automatically enable certain properties for public offers or lease applications, there are two options for doing so:  
  • You can set up your system to automatically enable properties for public offers/lease applications when they move into a status for which you have set the Public Offer/Applications option.  To do so, access Site Settings from the Admin Tab and select the option highlighted below. For detailed instructions, click here.
  • If you have recently decided to use the Public Offer or Lease Application feature of Broker Brain, and have changed certain Property Statuses to be Public Offer/Application statuses, the system will not automatically enable those properties that are in that status. You can enable all of those with one click. This is also done from the Site Settings section of the Admin Tab.  Simply click the option highlighted below. For more detailed instructions, click here
Viewing and updating public offers/lease applications
  • For information on how to view and/or update a public offer, click here.
  • For information on how to view and/or update a lease application, click here.