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Initiating a Public Counter

Once your system has been set up to allow public counter offers, follow the steps below to initiate a public counter.  
Note: If you have not yet set up your system to allow public counters, click here for more information.
1. Locate the offer you wish to counter from the property's Offers tab.
2. Click the Negotiations tab, as shown circled in red below:
3. From the Negotiations tab, change the Offer Status field to Seller Countered Buyer (or whatever status you designated for this purpose in Admin>Statuses). See the screen shot below.
4. Enter your counter offer amount in the Offer Amount field.
5. Include any other pertinent information in the appropriate fields, then click the green Add button at the bottom of the screen to submit your public counter.
6. An Offer Status Parameters screen will appear. Complete this screen with any appropriate information and click the Update button. The details of your counter offer will now appear in a new pane of the Negotiations screen (located to the right of the pane bordered in green).
Buyer's Agent Options
When a public counter has been submitted, the buyer's agent will see a screen such as this when they open their follow-up page:
At the bottom of the screen (shown circled above), the agent must choose from the following options before submitting their response:  
  • Accept Offer
  • Reject Offer
  • Withdraw Offer
  • Submit Counter
If they choose to accept, reject, or withdraw the offer, they will get a note similar to the following on their screen:
If the agent elects to submit a counter offer, the note shown on their screen will appear as shown below.  They must complete all counter offer information before choosing Submit
Once the agent submits their response, the Offer Status in Broker Brain is immediately updated to reflect the change.