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Allowing Public Counters

Before a public counter can be submitted, some administrative setup is required.  See below on how to set up your system to allow this feature.
First, Set up a Public Counter Status:
1. From the Admin tab, click the Statuses sub tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Click the Offer sub tab (at right).
2. Designate an existing status as public counter by clicking the Public Counter check box. In the example below, we have done this with Seller Countered Buyer. Click the green Update button to save your changes.


Next, Designate Offer Status Settings:
When a public counter is submitted, the offer status on the property should change to reflect that. Here, you will indicate what the new offer status should be, and Broker Brain will automatically make that change when a public counter is submitted.
1. From the Admin tab, click the Site Settings tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Click the Offers sub tab (at right).
2. Set the fields circled in red above to the appropriate statuses.
  • Be certain to review Site Settings>Offers for critical information on these features, including how to prevent multiple counter offers from being submitted.


Last, Set up an Automatic Email Notification to Notify Buyer's Agents of Counter Offers Requested:
Without an email notification, a buyer's agent will not know when a counter offer has been made. However, by setting up an automatic email notification through Broker Brain's auto tasking system, agents will be notified as soon as a counter offer has been initiated. See Creating a Task & Email Notification or Email Notification Task in the Auto Tasks>Offer section of the Help system for detailed information on how to do this.
1. Create an Email Notification task, using the %selling_agent_email% macro in the To: field of the email. 
2.  In the body of the email, add the %Selling_Agent_URL macro, as shown below.  This will send the agent offer link to the agent in order for them to submit a counter offer. 
3. The task should have an Offer Status Trigger set to whichever status you created in the first step above (we used Seller Countered Buyer).
Your system should now be set to utilize public offers.