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External URLs

You may have certain clients whose offers should be submitted through a site other than Broker Brain (for example, HUD or Fannie Mae).  In this instance, you can specify an external URL for the client's offer submissions.  Once you have set this up, each time that client submits an offer through your public site, Broker Brain will automatically direct them to the website you specified.  Some examples of external URLs commonly used are for HUD properties and for Fannie Mae. 
In addition to directing the client to a separate offer website, Broker Brain can also display public offer notes that you wish for clients to view prior to submitting an offer.
What the Client will See
When the client runs a property search from your website, they will see something similar to the screen below.  Note the verbiage near the bottom of the screen, starting with the title, IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE SELLER.  This verbiage, including the title and the attachments shown, was specifically set up for this client, advising them that they will be redirected to a different site and specifying the attachments that will be required with the offer.  When the client clicks the bar entitled Click here to submit an offer on this property (located at the bottom of the screen),  they will be immediately directed to the website you set up.
How to set up an External Offer URL
Note: To set up an external offer URL, you must have Admin rights within Broker Brain. 
1.  Select the Admin tab at the top of the screen, followed by the Clients sub tab at left.
2.  Locate the desired client from the client list, then click the + adjacent to the client name to view their information.
3.  In the Offer URL field (shown circled in red below), type in the complete URL, including http://.
4.  If you wish to type in some instructions for the client and/or add some attachments as shown in the What the Client Will See section above, scroll down to the Public Offer Notes section of the screen (highlighted in yellow in the above screen shot).  Click the New Note button, add your note and attachments, then click the green Add button.  The note will now automatically appear on your public website when the client runs a property search.
  • Public Offer Notes will only display on the property search if there is an External Offer URL entered for that client.