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Note: The following information discusses viewing tasks associated with a particular offer. For information on creating and viewing auto tasks that apply to ALL offers, click here.
The Offers>Tasks section allows you to view tasks that are associated with each offer on a property. From here you can view task detail, change a task's due date, add recurrences to a task, assign a task to a user, change group or user assignments, attach notes and documents, send emails, claim ownership to un-owned tasks, delete tasks, and mark tasks as complete. You can also create Manual Tasks or trigger previously created Auto Tasks from here.
There are several sections within Broker Brain that allow you to add and update tasks, and all of them function the same way. For detailed information on working with tasks, click here
Viewing Tasks
1. From the Offers sub tab at left, locate the offer for which you wish to view the tasks.
2. Click the + adjacent to the Offer name to expand the information.
3. Click the Tasks sub tab (shown circled in red below) to view any tasks that exist for the offer.
As shown in the following screen shot, both Incomplete and Completed tasks will display, so you are able to view open tasks as well as track the offer's task history. You can also create new tasks using the Add New Manual Task or Add New Auto Task features. 
  • Click here for more detailed information on adding a new Auto Task.
  • Click here for more detailed information on creating a Manual Auto Task.
Viewing specific task information
To view information for a specific task, click the + adjacent to the task name. This will expand the window to show the task detail, as seen below:
You can make changes or add updates to the task from here, including changing the task due date, changing the group assigned or who the task is assigned to, adding a recurrence, changing the task duration, adding a note or attachment (included with a note), or sending an email. You can request an email notification when the task is complete by checking the Notify me when this task is completed box at the top of the screen.  You can also use the icons at the upper right of the window to own the task yourself, mark the task as complete, or delete the task. For detailed information on working with tasks, click here.