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Emailing Photos

You can elect to email photos that have been uploaded into Broker Brain.  All sent emails are stored in the Notes section of the associated property. 
To Email Photos:
1. Search for and select the subject property. (See the Searching for and Editing Existing Properties Help section). Once you are on the Main page of the property, click the Photos sub tab at left.
2.  Locate the photo(s) you wish to email. Place a check mark next to each or select the Check/Uncheck All box located directly above the photo list.
3. Select an option from the Action drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen. There are two Email options: Email PDF and Email Photos.
4. In the Custom Header field, type in whatever header should appear on PDF files.
5. Click the Submit button. An Email screen will appear, as seen below. Enter the appropriate information into each field. Note: The From field will default to the user currently logged into the system. If you wish to indicate that the photos are from another representative in your company, you can select another user name.
6. Click the Submit button and the photos will be sent.