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*Allowing Public Uploads

The public upload feature for photos allows users outside the Broker Brain system to add photos to a property without the need for Broker Brain access. They can upload either one photo or multiple photos at one time. 
Following is information on how to enable this feature. 
Enabling the Public Upload Feature
1.  From the desired property, click the Photos sub tab at left. Any photos currently associated with the property will appear.
2.  Click the Allow public upload checkbox to add a check mark, as shown circled below:
Note: Once this check box has been enabled, it immediately activates the public upload feature.  There is no need to click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen. 
You will note that once you have enabled this feature, an upload URL appears, along with a statement as to who will be notified when photos are uploaded. 
  • Whenever a photo is uploaded using this feature, the person who activated the public upload checkbox will receive an email notification. THIS IS THE ONLY INDIVIDUAL WHO WILL RECEIVE THIS NOTIFICATION.
  • If you remove the check mark from the Allow public upload check box, the public upload feature will be disabled. If you enable it again, a NEW URL will be created.  If you had previously notified outside users of the old URL, you will need to send them the new URL information for them to have continued access.  
  • When photos are added through the URL, any auto tasks set to trigger from the Photo Added System Trigger will be activated.  Hence, if you wish to have multiple individuals notified when a photo is loaded externally, you can create an auto task using this trigger.  For information on creating a property auto task, click here.
2.  To notify outside users that they can now add property photos into Broker Brain, copy and send them the URL via email. 
  • For instructions on how to add photos using the URL, click here.  You may wish to send a link to these instructions to your outside users.
How Photos Uploaded through a URL will Appear within Broker Brain
Photos that are uploaded using a URL will appear under Properties>Photos, along with all other photos related to the property.  The name of the individual who uploaded the photo will display, and if they are careful to include their company name in the Tags field, this will appear here as well. 
  • You should instruct any outside users to include their company name in the Tags field, as you can use this information to search for their photos at a later time.  For information on performing a photo search, click here.