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Searching for Photos

The Photo Search feature in Broker Brain allows you to quickly locate a property photo. 

To Find a Photo:
1. Follow the process to search for the property that contains the photos you need. (For information on the property search process click here.)
2. Once you have located the property, click on the Photos sub tab at left. Note the Photo Search section at the right of the screen.
3. If you wish to narrow down your search criteria, click the Filter drop-down box and select the photo type. Otherwise, leave the field set at Don't Filter.
4. In the Search Title and Tags field, type any key words you added in the Titles or Tags field when you uploaded the photos.
Note:  If you are using the public upload feature, you can use this field to search for photos uploaded by a certain company, provided that they were careful to tag each photo with their company name.  Simply enter the company name in the Search Title and Tags field. 
5. Click on the Search button. Only those photos that have those key words will return from the search.