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Sorting & Viewing

Sorting Photos
By default, photos are stored in descending order according to the date they were uploaded.  You can choose to view the photos in ascending order by clicking the drop-down arrow in the Sort List field and changing the selection to Ascending
Note: You can also specify the number of photos that will display using the Photos per page field.
Viewing Photos
There are four different options for viewing your property photos:  List, Grid, Gallery with photos and info, and Gallery with photos only.  The default view is List.  You can opt to change the view at any time.  Once you change the view, it will remain set in that option until you change it again.  
1.  To change the view, click the drop-down arrow in the View field, located directly above your photos.
2.  Select a view.  The photos will immediately be displayed in the new view.  Below are samples of what these views look like: