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Managing Buyer Leads

Broker Brain offers the capability of tracking buyer leads on your properties.  Simply add them as contacts, then add them to the prospective properties, as follows:
First, add your contacts
Add any buyer leads to the Contacts tab, designating the Contact Type as Buyer Leads.  See Adding a Contact for more information.
Then, add contacts to properties
1.  Open the property.
2.  Click the Showings sub tab at left.  The following screen will appear:
3.  Click Add.  All Buyer Leads that are in your contacts list will appear, listed alphabetically by first name.
4.  If your contacts list is large, you can search for the contact by typing their name or a portion of their name in the white box and clicking the Search button.  For instance, in the example above, searching for "jo"  would return Bob Jones and Jim Johnson.
5.  After you locate your contact, click use next to each buyer lead you wish to add.  The use option will change to added, as shown below:
6.  Add any other desired contacts.
7.  Click the black X to close the Search box.  The added buyer leads will now display as shown below.
  • Click the  button next to the contact name to view contact details.
  • To remove a contact, click the  button located next to the contact name and select Yes in the confirmation dialog box. 
  • To make a contact the primary contact, click the  button next to the contact name. __
Viewing Buyer Lead Assignments
To view a list of properties you have assigned to a Buyer Lead:
1.  Go to the Contacts tab and click the Buyer Leads sub tab.  You will see your Buyer Lead contacts as shown:
2.  Click the + next to a contact's name to see his/her detail.
3.  Click the + next to Click for Assignments, located near the bottom of the contact information:
You will see a list of properties you have assigned the contact to:

  • You can remove an address from a Buyer Lead's list by clicking the  button adjacent to the address and confirming the deletion in the subsequent dialog box.
  • You can also reassign the lead's addresses to another lead by clicking the Reassign button.  For detailed instructions, see Contact Reassignment.
  • See Contacts Tab for detailed information on working with contacts.