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The Status sub tab serves two purposes:  to view a property's status history and to change a property's current status. 
 To View Status History:
1.  From the desired property, click the Status sub tab on the left-hand side of the screen. The following screen will appear:
Status History information will be appear beneath the Status History title bar.
  • If you are a Status Power User, you can change any property status comment shown in the Status History by double-clicking on the comment text.  Simply edit the comment in the screen that appears and click OK to save your change.
To Change Property Status
1.  From the Property>Status screen, click the + next to Change Status.
2.  In the Status field, click the drop-down arrow next to Choose... and select the desired status.
3.  Click in the Effective Date field and select the date of the status change, or leave it blank and Broker Brain will automatically enter in today's date.
4.  If you want to prevent the system from generating any tasks associated with the new status, click the Disable Auto Tasks check box.  This is helpful in certain scenarios where the tasks that would be generated have already been completed and you do not need them repeated again.  For instance, perhaps a property has been listed but placed on temporary hold.  Once you have marked it as listed again, you may not wish for the initial listing tasks to be repeated; in this case, it would be helpful to disable the Auto Tasks.
5.  If desired, add some information in the Comment field.  This is helpful for tracking history later.
6.  Click the Submit button to change the property status.
  • Broker Brain comes with several default property statuses, but you can customize the system by creating your own.  For information on creating additional statuses, see Property Statuses.