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Adding/Triggering an Auto Task

Auto tasks within Broker Brain can be set to occur in one of two ways: you can set up a task to trigger for ALL properties based off of dates, statuses, system triggers, or other auto tasks (as outlined here), or you can set up an auto task with a manual trigger that will generate at the property level only when you tell it to. This section details the latter: how to fire off a manually triggered auto task from an active property.  Note: Auto Tasks can use multiple triggers, including both a manual trigger AND any other type of trigger, thus causing a task to fire off when any one of these conditions exists. 
Adding a Manually Triggered Auto Task
1.  Before you can manually trigger an auto task, the task must be created in the Admin>Auto Tasks section of Broker Brain.  Once you have created the task, it can be manually triggered from any property within the system.  If you haven't done this step yet, click on one of the links below, create the task, and then return here and move on to step #2.
  • Click on the appropriate link based on the type of task you are creating: [Lease Application], [Offer], [Preservation], [Property].  When you get to the Triggers section, select Manual Trigger as shown in the screen shot below:
2.  From the property for which you wish to generate the task, click the Tasks sub tab at left. At the top of the screen, you will see the following:
3. Click the sub tab at right that describes the type of task you are creating: Property, Offer, or Preservation.
4. Click the + next to Add New Auto Task. You will see the following screen (in our sample we are adding a preservation task):
5.  If you are adding an Offer or Preservation task, select the offer or preservaton the task is in regard to using the Relates to: field. 
6.  In the Auto Task section, use the drop-down arrow to select which Auto Task you are triggering.  All Auto Tasks of this type (Offer, Preservation, or Property) with a Manual Trigger set will show in this list.
7.  Since the Auto Task was previously created in Admin>Auto Tasks, it will have a task duration assigned to it, which will determine the due date of this task once it is triggered.   If you wish to override this and have the task due on a specific date, select the date from the Due Date field. 
8.  Click Add to generate the task.
Viewing Task Details
Once you have added a task, it will display in the Incomplete Tasks section of the screen. You can locate the task and click the + next to the task name to expand it. This will show you all the task details. Note: For a full description of the fields in the task bar, see Task Layout Detail.
Note that if a task is for a preservation or an offer, the preservation or offer that it is related to will display in the task bar, as shown circled below:

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