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Adding to a Property

The following information details how to specify which utility companies are associated with a specific property.  For information on adding a list of Utility companies that service all of your properties, click here.
To add a Utility Company to a Property:
1.  From the desired property, click the Utilities sub tab at left.  The Add Utility bar will display as shown:
2. Click the + adjacent to Add Utility to reveal the following screen:
3.  Click the drop-down arrow in the Utility Company field and select the desired company.  Note: Utility Companies are added to this list in Admin>Utilities.  For information on adding additional companies, click here. 
4.  Enter the appropriate dates into the Turn On Date, Confirmed On Date, and/or Turn Off Date fields.
5.  Using the Liens drop-down box, indicate any known lien information, including whether a lien exists and if so, if it is to be paid In House or by the client. 
6.  Click the green Add button.  The company you added will display as shown below: