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If you wish to add expenses related to a property's utilities, follow the instructions below.
Adding Utility Expenses
1. From the desired property, click the Utilities sub tab at left. Each utility company that has been added to the property will display in its own window.
2. Click the + adjacent to the desired utility company name to show the utility detail.
3.  Click the Expenses sub tab to reveal the screen below:
4.  Click the New Expense button shown circled above.  The following screen will appear:
5.  Add expense information into the desired fields.
6.  Scroll down to the bottom of the window and click the green Add button.  The expense will appear on the Expenses tab as shown below:
  • Utility expenses added will also appear on the Property>Expenses sub tab at left, on the Utility sub tab.
  • Expense information can be updated at any time by clicking in the desired field, adding information, and clicking the green Update button at right.
  • Expenses can be deleted by clicking the red Delete button adjacent to the expense, and clicking "Yes" in the Confirmation dialog box that appears.