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There are two types of notes that can be added into the Utilities tab; Utility Company Notes and General Utility Notes.  In any note, you can create and store notes, attach documents, and send out emails. There are several sections within Broker Brain that allow you to store notes, and all of them function the same way. 
Utility Company Notes
When you intially click the Utilities tab, you will see three subtabs at right; Utility, Notes, and Expenses.  The Notes subtab (shown circled below) was designed to give you a place to store pertinent information specifically related to the utility companies added to a property.  Each utility company added will have its own tab for Notes.
General Utility Notes
At the bottom of the Utilities screen is the General Utility Notes section (shown highlighted above).  This section is intended to store notes that apply to the property's utilities in general. 
How to Create a Note
To add a note, simply click the New Note button in the appropriate Notes section, type your note information in the Add Note box, and click the green Add button at the bottom of that screen.
  • For more detailed information on adding notes, deleting them, attaching documents, sending emails using Notes, and more, click here.