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Utility Status

When you click the Utilities sub tab at left to view utility information for a property, each utility company shown will have a Utility Status field (shown circled below) that can be updated to indicate if you have requested start or stop service with that company.
To Update Utility Status
1. From the desired property, click the Utilities sub tab at left. Each utility company that has been added to the property will display in its own window.
2.  Click the + adjacent to the desired utility company name to show the utility detail. 
3.  Scroll down to the Utility Status section of the screen (shown below).
4.  Click the drop-down arrow in the Change Utility Status field and select Start Service Requested or Stop Service Requested.
5.  Add any desired information in the Status Comment field.
6.  Click the green Update button.
  • You can view history of the Utility Status updates by clicking    located beneath the Utility Status section title.