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July 14, 2011

posted Jul 14, 2011, 8:27 PM by Glen Stephens   [ updated May 13, 2012, 10:50 PM by April Talley ]
  • [NEW] Added search capabilities to Offer and Preservation Auto Tasks.
  • [NEW] Added new view options to Preservation Auto Tasks.
  • [NEW] Added Confirmed Vacant Date to Eviction Info.
  • [NEW] Added Eviction Inspection Photos to Eviction Inspections tab.
  • [NEW] Added Transaction Coordinator to email dialogs.
  • [NEW] Added Date Triggers to Preservation Auto Tasks.
  • [NEW] Added Current Preservation Status condition to Preservation Auto Tasks.
  • [NEW] Added Property Type condition to Offer Auto Tasks.
  • [NEW] Added site setting forcing auto task email notifications.  This prevents users from opting out of task email notifications. Admin > Site Settings > Email.
  • [NEW] Added site setting that prevents duplicating documents in the system when emailing them.
  • [NEW] Added FHA w/Repair Escrow as new loan type.
  • [NEW] Added ability to download CSV files for Inspection Reports.
  • [NEW] Added ability to assign managers to groups.
  • [CHANGE] Asset Type condition in Auto Tasks is now multi-select.
  • [CHANGE] Property page permissions now control what information can be viewed in the property summary pages.
  • [CHANGE] Previous Status conditions in Auto Tasks are now multi-select.
  • [CHANGE] All Document Types are now editable.
  • [CHANGE] Task instructions / comments can now be edited by double clicking on the text.
  • [CHANGE] Renamed Property Auto Task Date Trigger field from owner expires date to listing expiration date.
  • [CHANGE] Lender fax is now an optional requirement for public offers.  Can be enabled under Admin > Site Settings > Public Offer.