Web Sites Tab

The Web Sites tab allows you to bookmark frequently visited websites.  You can indicate the URL needed to access the site, as well as the login name and login password your company uses on the site. 
Adding a New Bookmark
1.  Click the Web Sites tab at the top of the screen.  The following option will appear:
2.  Click the + next to Add New Bookmark to reveal the following screen:
3.  Enter a name for the website in the Name field.
4.  Copy the URL from your browser and paste it into the URL field (for example,http://helpme.brokerbrain.net).
5.  If your brokerage has a Login Name and Login Password for the site, enter that information into those fields. Otherwise, leave them blank.
6.  Add any desired site-related information into the Comment field.
7.  If the website is related to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or HomePath, use the Special Type field to indicate that.  The Special Type field tells Broker Brain to auto populate certain fields:
  • For Fannie Mae properties, Broker Brain will populate the Submit BPO to AMN dialog box when creating BPO's.
  • For Freddie Mac properties, Special Type is used for fetching MMR info from the Homesteps website.
  • Setting the Special Type to HomePath allows Broker Brain to fetch information off the HomePath website to populate property offer information.
 8.  When all information has been entered, click the green Add button.  The website you added will appear, as shown below.
  • To access a website from the Web Sites tab, copy the URL from the tab and paste it into your browser.
  • To edit a bookmarked site, click the + next to the site name to expand it, make your changes, then click the green Update button.
  • To remove a bookmarked site, click the + next to the site name to expand it and click the red Delete button.